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How are your New Year Resolutions Going?

Happy New Year! How are your New Year Resolutions going so far? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and I have been asked why. Well, the holidays played a huge part in me being absent and then I am sure most of you heard about the big winter storm the east coast had. I live on the east coast and we got around 7 inches of snow which was something we are not used to where I live! The snow pretty much closed everything down in my area. Schools included! So my kids were lucky enough to have three weeks out of school with the storm plus the holidays! Look at how beautiful the snow was here…

Awesome Ideas to Come in 2018!

With that being said, I wanted to spend time with them while they were home and plus I took some of my free time (which wasn’t much) and started working on some new awesome ideas for my blog! I am so excited to be able to start sharing them with you in the next couple of weeks. These ideas are ideas I wrote down for my resolutions for 2018. I really want to grow my audience and create quality content that you all crave and just absolutely can not wait for me to post so you can read it! One thing I will be doing is that I will be starting a YouTube channel. Starting a Youtube channel is going to be so fun and exciting for me! I have so many ideas for videos to share with all of you! However, it is a little scary and intimidating for me. Why? Well, change of course! Remember the blog post I wrote a month back about change? READ IT HERE This is totally what I was referring to when I wrote that post. And of course, it is something I have never done before. So it’s a whole new learning experience for me, but I am eager to get started and share with all of you.

New Facebook Group: Hectic Blogging Material

One goal I have already completed this year is that I have started a Facebook group called Hectic Blogging Material. I would love it so much if you all joined! CLICK TO JOIN HERE Hectic Blogging Material is a group is for support and to help grow your followers on social media in order to gain traffic to your blog. I will be adding tips and how-tos in the next couple of weeks as I have had request and questions in certain areas of blogging. I want to be able to help all of you grow your blogs and monetize them. So stay tuned!

Facebook Hectic Blogging Material

Resolutions for 2018

One of my resolutions is to monetize my blog this year and expand my audience to my blog! I have big goals planned for my blog this year and I know that if there are others out there monetizing and growing their blog then so can I and most importantly so can you!

How are you all doing so far on your resolutions for 2108? Have you had any stumbles or setbacks? Have you had anything happen already that makes you think that you can not accomplish your goals? Or have you added some things to your list? I can say that I have added to mine! It’s like the ideas will not stop coming which is super exciting! However, I want you to know that if any of you are doubting yourselves and your goals/resolutions then you need to stop and refocus on why you made your resolutions. You need to remember that it is only January and you have SO much time left in the year to make it happen and you can do it! Do not let anything detour you from what you want in your life for you or for your family. You need to remember how much you want to reach your goals and focus on how it will change your life. You, my loves can accomplish anything you want to this year!

Don’t Let Setbacks Set You Back

We all have setbacks. We all have stumbles. The important thing is how we handle those setbacks and stumbles. Do we let it stop us from fulfilling our dreams? No! We learn and we move on and we focus even harder on what we want to accomplish. Yes, maybe just maybe we have to make a little change here and there, but life is funny sometimes, however, do not give up. You need to keep moving forward and work hard on what you want to do. Trust me you will thank yourself at the end of this year when you have accomplished your goals and you look back at seeing all the hard work you put in to make it happen. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you made it happen. Knowing that even through the bad you did not give up. You can and you do this! Tell yourself that YOU CAN and YOU WILL!

Freebie Time!

I am going to help you out and give you a FREEBIE. We all love freebies, right?! Right! It helps me when you write down my goals so that I can see them and hold myself accountable for them. I have made a resolutions printable for you. CLICK HERE TO PRINT YOUR FREE RESOLUTION SHEET

I hope you print it and write down your goals on it. Visualize how you will feel when you accomplish each goal, as you are writing it down. When you are feeling like you can not or are not going to be able to accomplish your goal, I want you to look at that list and remember that feeling. Put the resolutions printable where you can see it every morning and remind yourselves why you are doing what you are doing. Remember you are the only one that can stop you from accomplishing anything in life!

Hectic Mom Jamie

19 Replies to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. One of my resolutions was to start a YouTube channel this year as well…so I just went for it. I don’t have many views (about 300 on my first video), but I’m also not advertising it at all! Good luck with your channel and monetizing your blog!

  2. You’re so motivated!! That’s inspiring! I made the “plan” to monetize my blog last year, and just sat down to do taxes and was excited to see how much I actually made blogging! Makes me even more moricated this year!! We can do it!

  3. I’m more about the intentions and so far they are working for me. I just picked a couple of things in key area and so far, have been following through with them.

  4. I prefer to call mine Goals because, for some reason, that seems more attainable lol! My goals for this year are to create and launch at least 3 courses to increase my revenue streams, along with increasing my blog page views and subscribers.

  5. I love setting goals and achieving them, and its important to follow up on the long term ones. Good for you sounds like you are going to have an amazing year.

  6. Visualization is so good 🙂 Thanks for sharing your resolution ideas; the freebies sound really cool, too! I don’t do official resolutions, but I do have a phrase each year that centers on what I’d like to grow in for the year.

  7. 2018 is starting quite smoothly, unlike the last quarter of 2017 which had been quite a challenge for us. Hopefully this year will have more ups than downs! 🙂

  8. Those are some great resolutions for this year! One of mine is to focus more attention into creating a social media community of my own. I’m thinking it will probably happen on Instagram, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

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