Change is Scary

Mommy Monday Motivation / Monday, December 4th, 2017

Hello everyone! I have a serious question for you today…

Do you fear change? I think that we all in some way are scared of change. We are scared that we have to stop our old habits and work on starting something new. We fear what may happen if we change up our routine if we break our old habits. We fear failure. I mean, why start something new or change something up if what we have been doing causes no problems? Well, if you don’t make a change then you can’t start working on your goals needed in order to become who you really want to be. What do you want to become? Who do you want to be in the future?

Change is a super scary thing that at some point in life we all have to deal with. I think my initial change in life started with graduating from high school, man was that scary, because I had to learn how to become an adult. We all had to change after graduating from high school. While some people went off to college, others went straight into the workforce, either way, it was different than what we were used to and that point in life. We all had a major change because we were used to the routine of waking up every morning going off to high school, hanging out with our friends when we could, and just doing whatever we did at that time. Once we graduated or got out of school life got real. No more playing around, no more just being a kid. We had to change and to me it was scary.

I used to be scared of change. I was so scared of change that I put myself in places I did not and should not have been for years. One day I woke up and realized that life was not supposed to be that way and I decided to change my situation. Was I scared? Heck yeah! Was it worth it? Yes! It was the best thing I ever did for me and my kids. If I had it to go back and do it again I wouldn’t think twice about it…honestly, I would make the change a lot sooner than I did before.

Change is an awesome thing. Yet scary, but still awesome. I think the worse thing about change is that we look at it as a bad thing. We look at it as something that we have to do and we see everything that is about to be different. We realize that what we are accustomed too is about to be different. It scares us. However, what we should focus on is the positive that will come out of the change. We need to literally think about everything good that is going to happen if we make our change and don’t let the fear of change keep us from being better.

I am going to share a really small portion of my life right now relating to change…

I was once in a relationship that was abusive in every way possible. I dealt with the abuse, manipulation, and control for years. Yes, I left and came back trusting things would change, however, things only would get worse. Finally, after talking with people who had dealt with women, like myself in those situations, they helped me to realize what kind of situation I was in and I decided that day to never go back to it again. And let me tell all of you it was the hardest thing I ever did! Not because I hated losing the guy. Oh no no no it wasn’t that at all. It was the thought of going into the unknown. It was the thought knowing that a major change was fixing to happen our lives were going to change forever. My kids and I walked away from everything we had. All of our material belongings we left. We started our life over with absolutely nothing but the clothes on our backs. We were all so ready for a change. It was a change I knew would only be positive for me and my kids and our lives as a whole. It was the best thing I ever did for us. It was also the scariest thing I ever did in my life because I was a mom starting over with nothing. Still, it was the best change I ever made. We, today, are the happiest we have ever been thanks to that change that I decided to make that day. I had to set the fear aside and know that only great things were to come! Goodness, was I right!

The reason for me telling you a brief part of my history is not for judgment or sympathy. It’s simply to tell you that you can make any kind of change you want to make in your life because if I can make the change that I made then any of you reading this can also make that change you’re wanting to make. If I can do it anyone of you can too!! Will it be easy? Maybe, maybe not…but will it be worth it? Yes yes yes!!! It will be worth it! You can do anything you are willing to make happen and there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals and making the change you need to make in order to get there.

So what is the change you need to make in order to become who you want to be? What is the fear that is keeping you from making the change? I want you to make a list of all the positive that will come out of your change and focus only on that. Do not focus on anything but the positive and start working on who you want to become. You can do anything you set out to do! You can become whoever you want to become. No goal or dream is too small! Small goals and small dreams lead us to bigger brighter futures! However, doing nothing will get you nowhere. You’ll only have regret and one day you’ll wake up and wonder why you never started doing what you wanted to do. I have said this before and I will say it again…Only you can make the change in your life no one else can do it for you!

I want all of you right now to think about what you want to do…is it to move up in your job? Get a new job? Be a better mom, wife, girlfriend? Go back to school? Start working on a blog to start making extra money? How about just to be a better you? Whatever it may be there is a reason why you are reading this and I am going to tell you some extremely important things right now and I want you to remember them always…

The secret to change is to focus on everything new that is going to happen and keep all the negative out. I know first hand that change can be scary, but too me, it’s even scarier to keep repeating old habits allowing yourself to never grow. So today make the rest of your life the best of your life!! What are you waiting for?

Hectic Mom Jamie

30 Replies to “Change is Scary”

  1. I do fear change. I think our fear is the unknown and will this change be good? If we had that guarantee, I think we’d be more excited about change. 🙂 We’ve had a lot of changes the past few years and most have turned out well, even if it took awhile to see and feel that. I agree that we do need to focus on everything that’s positive and good.

  2. Change is absolutely scary! I am one who has always had fear of change – it is so easy to be afraid. I agree it is not always bad – change is good. Going outside of your comfort zone is a great thing. ❤

  3. I do fear change as well. However, this year I worked really hard to overcome my fear of change and found that if I don’t give myself a lot of time to think about it before it happens the fear doesn’t control me like it used to.

  4. I used to fear change but I instead now look at the good in change. Most of my change has meant growth. Nothing or no one will stay the same forever so finding the best way to embrace it key because it’s inevitable.

  5. Change is so hard but so worth it when you work hard to reach your goal! So glad you were strong enough to gave your fears and build a better future for yourself and your children.

  6. Change is so hard because I’m not in control. It’s so difficult to go into the unknown! I applaud you for taking such big steps to make a better life for you and your kids!

  7. I fear the unknown, but only if there’s too many varibles. I like change of scenery, positive change in work, and things like that. I fear change in relationships. Great article.

  8. Empowering read- thank you sharing your story! I am petrified of change and need to change that- by changing my mind frame and not look at it as a negative thing as you have advised 😊

  9. I used to never fear change. I actually liked it, but now I am happy with my life exactly like it is so somewhere along the line I have started fearing change..

  10. Great article. I think that everyone is afraid of change but they just get stuck in that rut and loose sight on how to get out of the rut. We want change, but we are afraid to change because that change might cause other to act differently toward us. At least that is how I have felt about making changes in my life.

    Also I wanted to give you a little advice about your blog font. For me the font was a little small, so if you can make it a size bigger it would make it easier to read. Blog on!

  11. This is a great read. I am about to go through a huge change (changes if we are being honest). My oldest son just moved back home while my middle child just left. My youngest will be driving soon and we are looking into another cross-country move. This information is really helpful. Thanks

  12. I definitely fear change but I also recognize how important and empowering it is, so I constantly push past the fear. I’m sorry for the abuse you had to endure, but so proud of you for making that change and getting away!

  13. Change is incredibly scary and so needed. I think if we don’t have a small amount of fear in our lives we are not changing or learning and staying stagnant is no good for sure. So glad you made the change and are willing to share to make a difference and encourage others.

  14. I always say that the only thing that stays the same is that things change, but then I definitely limit what I like to change. 2017 has been a year of MAJOR changes for our family, though, and now I definitely think I have much less fear about change. It’s easy to let ourselves get stuck because of not knowing what is on the other side, even when it’s not a healthy place to be stuck in.

    Thank you for sharing, and kudos to you for making that change!

  15. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It is so important to embrace change, good or bad, planned or not. Change is how we learn and grow. We can never let the fear of change or the fear of the unknown stop us from making the correct choices. I am happy that things worked out for you, and that you were able to make the right changes to get your life on the right path.

  16. Change is wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Your specific story though will inspire others and it took great courage. Your a wonderful person and just by writing are helping people.

  17. We all know change is good for us, it’s helps us grow and develop as a person. But that’s doesn’t mean it isn’t scary. There are so many things that could go wrong. Which is why I love your comment at the end about keeping negativity out. I think that is possibly the best advice whengoing through change. Not only negativity from others but also from yourself.

  18. I actually like change! I have this habit from time to time to just change the furniture in the house because I am bored by obviously I can’t afford a new one
    I moved to 5 countries and I am only 30, I traveled to more than 25 countries, I love change, it’s like adrenaline kicks in!

  19. I certainly do fear change, but when the risk:reward ratio gets to a certain point, you cannot help but act. I think the assessment of risk:reward is what often gets askew for most of us.

  20. Change is always scary, it’s the unknown and unfamiliar I think that makes it so hard. I agree completely with keeping the negative out and allowing yourself to grow wth the change. Wonderful post, I’m sure anyone can relate in some way or another.

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