What are you going to do today?

Mommy Monday Motivation / Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Do something today that your future self will thank you for…

What does this statement mean to you? Take a moment and think about it. Seriously think about it….

To me, it means that you only get this one day to make a change, to make a difference. This day today, you will never have again. You can never get this day back. What do you want to do today that makes a memory? What do you want to do today that makes a better you? Think about what you want to do… Do you want to be a better mom? Better wife/girlfriend? Just a better person in general? Go back to school? Do you want to start working on that goal you’ve had for some time now just floating around in your brain? What can you do today that in a week,  in a month, or in a year from now you can look back on and say that’s the day I made a change. That’s the day I decided to stop procrastinating and I started doing. You, my dear, are the only one that holds you back from reaching the goals that you have made. There are goals some of us go years before ever accomplishing due to life reasons, or we allow others to make us think we can’t, or even worse we let out own fears tell us we can’t.

I’m here to tell you on this day that you can!! You can do anything you set your mind to do and I mean anything! Stop holding back and having daily thoughts of I wish I had done that differently or I wish I could do more for my family or for myself. Stop thinking and start doing. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. No more saying, “Well after I do this or this I’ll start working on my goal.”That’s like saying, “I’ll be happy when I lose this extra weight” or “I’ll be happy when (insert excuse here).” Be happy now!! Start accomplishing your goals now! We all tend to waste too much time not being happy and not working on bettering ourselves for whatever reason. Enough is enough. Starting today you are going to do something your future self is going to thank you for!!

I believe at some point in life we allow others to hold us back because we want to make them happy, but what about ourselves? Are we truly happy deep within putting our lives on hold for other people? While they live their life, we wait. Why are you waiting? I want you to start living your life today for you and for your family. You can do it! It doesn’t matter your financial state, it doesn’t matter how big your family is, and it does not matter about your past. What matters is this day and all the days that follow combined with your mindset and how hard you are willing to work in order to make your dreams come true for you and your family.

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I’ve heard people say that their haters are their motivators while this may be even somewhat true for myself my main motivation in life is my family. If you have read the ABOUT ME section you’ll see that I have 5 awesome kids and one on the way. I had always told myself when my kids got older I would work on my goals and dreams. It hit me one day why am I waiting? I can work on my goals and still be a fantastic mommy. My life is incredibly hectic and yours may be to and you know what? It’s ok!! You can still start working on your goals. Even if it’s for 5 minutes a day. Just do it! I have sacrificed sitting and watching TV when my toddler is napping so I can work on my goals, I now get up at 5 am to work on my goals, and any chance I get I am writing down thoughts and ideas to help me with my reaching my goals. This doesn’t take time away from spending time with my kids. I just turned some of my “me time” into “work on bettering me for my family time”. If you are a mommy who works a full-time job you can still reach your goals as well! Remember even a small amount of time spent on reaching your goal is better than no time at all….You can still take “me time” as well. I  take an hour a day and read whatever book I may be reading and/or catch up on a show on Netflix. The weekends are a bit different of course. I choose to spend that with my family and I may put in an hour or two throughout the weekend. I kinda look at the week as my workweek and my weekend as my weekend to have family time. You, however, choose what works best for you. Remember, 5 minutes is better than no minutes. Even if you’re just writing down thoughts and ideas for the upcoming week you’re still working on your goals! Go on mommy you can do this!

Remember this ladies…

No matter your age, no matter what setbacks you may have or have had in your life (trust me when I say I’ve had ALOT!), but no matter what, you can do anything you set your mind to do. Don’t let anyone stop you that includes yourself! You CAN accomplish your goals in life! ANYONE CAN! And this means YOU too!

So I ask you hectic moms out there…

What are you going to do today that your future self will thank you for??

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11 Replies to “What are you going to do today?”

  1. I love this. When you have a baby all of a sudden 100% of the focus is on them so it’s hard to remember yourself sometimes. Setting goals and doing things that are for you are so important.

  2. This is so motivational! I totally love the goal printable. It’s adorable and forces me to outline not just my why but my how! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this reminder. Thinking about my future self is one of the reasons why I decided to go back to school for a career change and get another degree. It’s definitely hard sometimes but I think about what it means for my future and my family’s!

  4. Awesome goal sheet! I need to take care of myself and eat healthier foods so I can live long for my hopefully future grandkids ! Enjoy life with my two boys

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